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About Jumbos Lax TV

JumbosLaxTV is media central for everything Tufts Men's Lacrosse. Here you'll find a unique firsthand look into one of the fastest rising NCAA DIII lacrosse programs in the country and discover the ingredients that make these exceptional student-athletes successful on and off the field. Stay tuned for fresh new content and site updates.

About Tufts Lacrosse

Tufts lacrosse has ascended the ranks of DIII lacrosse to cement itself as a perennially ranked squad and one of the elite programs in what is considered athletically and academically to be the nation's most competitive small college conference: the NESCAC. Helmed by Coach Mike Daly (A '95), the team strives to compete among the top five ranked programs in the country and contend for the national championship every year.

The Jumbos play their home games on the Bello Field turf or at Zimman and Kraft Fields inside Ellis Oval, providing the program with a variety of playing surfaces and some of the finest facility options in New England.

Tufts recruits on a national level, seeking the finest high school and prep talent. The foundation of Coach Daly's teams has been built around talented players who share a deep passion for the game. These lacrosse "junkies" must also be highly motivated in the classroom as the same drive that propels a student-athlete to academic success enables him to compete at the highest level athletically...Learn more about the program here.

About Tufts University

Founded in 1852, Tufts University is recognized as one of the premier universities in the United States. Tufts enjoys a global reputation for academic excellence and for the preparation of students as leaders in a wide range of professions. Renowned for its breadth of research, Tufts has extensive and highly regarded liberal arts, sciences and engineering programs that draw outstanding students from around the world with the highest academic achievement and standing.

Located right outside of Boston, Tufts offers a well-rounded collegiate experience to students. Within its picturesque small-college campus, Tufts is a major university with "an unprecedented diversity of programs, exceptional faculty and staff, and bright and talented students" according to President Lawrence S. Bacow. The University's proximity to a world-class city renowned for its academic institutions is also a major draw...Learn more here.

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  • A: No, JumbosLaxTV.com is produced independently in concert with the Tufts Men's Lacrosse Team.
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